2D Animations

These are some of my favorite 2D animations. I created these when I was first learning the principles of animation at SCAD. 

Software Used: Digicel Flipbook, Procreate

3D Models

These are some 3D models I created in our Intro to Modeling class at SCAD! I am responsible for modeling, texturing, lighting and rendering each of the models. 

Software used: Autodesk Maya, Adobe Substance Painter, Arnold for Maya

From left to right: Swiss Army Rubber Duck, Swiss Army Knife, and The Twilight Zone Hollywood Tower Hotel Cuckoo Clock

Digital Illustrations

Below you can see some of my digital illustration work, including studies of hands and faces, character design, and environments! I typically use Procreate when I draw, but sometimes hop over to Photoshop when the mood strikes. :)